The 1995 White Paper on the Transformation of Public Service identified a 2% disability equity target for the employment of people with disabilities in the Public Service, with a deadline of ten years. The deadline has been moved twice, but this has not stopped Coega from striving to meet and exceed this target.

In June 2013 the CDC launched its Disability Affirmation Programme by absorbing, on a contract basis, nine data capturers, two call centre agents, three administrators and one maths tutor into the workplace.

Through the Disability Affirmation Programme staff are sensitised to the needs of people with disabilities in the workplace and likewise the new employees have helped Coega create a suitable work environment for them.

The organisation went further to appoint two disabled candidates to permanent positions, namely diversity officer and forensic auditor.

This is part of a series of ground-breaking moves by Coega to integrate and empower people with disabilities into the workplace.

Coega would like to expand this programme and has challenged other Eastern Cape businesses to follow suit.

Testimonial from the on of the Schools: 

Pretoria School