The ability to drive a vehicle is taken for granted by most people. But for some, particularly those in rural or poverty-stricken circumstances, obtaining a driver’s license is a major hurdle to overcome, because it is such a critical skill for job market entry.

Coega’s Driver Training programme targets youth and students, the unemployed, disabled persons and those who do not have the funds to pay for driver training, but mostly attracts graduates without licences.

The first phase allows one the opportunity to learn through the state-of-the-art driving simulator, before venturing out on the road.

The second phase moves into on-the-road training with a driving instructor.

Currently Coega has more than 16 instructors working across the province with the driver simulators and on-road instruction.

Coega also facilitates the learners’ licence application process and testing as part of the driver training programme.

In 2013 Coega assisted 901 people in getting a driver’s licence. In 2014, more than 1200 licences were.

Currently, the programme is booming across the Eastern Cape in East London, Mthatha, the OR Tambo and Chris Hani districts, Nelson Mandela Bay and a series of rural areas are also benefiting, through partnerships with higher education institutions. It has also been extended to the KZN region.

The successful pass rate is an indication of the dedication and proficiency of the CDC’s driving instructors.

The results speak for themselves – Coega has facilitated putting skilled and proficient first-time drivers on the road, who can now access job opportunities and start contributing to South Africa’s GDP.

Fast Facts about the programme:

  • Driver training programme has launched two new sites in KwaZulu-Natal, namely;
  • Umfolozi
  • Elangeni
  • The Driver Training Program has been accredited by the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA).
  • The programme has been commercialised and will now work with a broader base of beneficiaries and clients.
  •  Once again, the programme has exceeded its corporate targets.
  • 2 551 beneficiaries have obtained their drivers licence to date through the  programme.
  • Programme is providing employment to 55 staff members.


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  1. Willem Coetzer

    Good morning. I am trying to help someone to learn to drive. We live in Grahamstown. I have spoken to Milovan at East cape Midlands College, but he said that he no longer does practical training in a car. The person I am helping, who’s name is Manezi, already has his learner’s license and can already drive on the road, so training in a simulator will not be beneficial. Manezi is 38 years old. Can he participate in the driver training programme in PE, and does this include driving on the road?

    Thank you

  2. siduduzo

    hi, i’m siduduzo, i wish to say thank you for the opportunities of growth and development you give us, they make a massive difference. your initiatives gives us hope as the youth. we take it upon our selves to rid our selves from poverty and unemployment but find it hard to obtain critical things such as drivers licences as the most of us, the youth come from poor backgrounds and in rural areas. financial crises is major challenge we have. so helping us this way motivates us and we do believe that we are not the lost generation we just need support and guidance not judgments. we together in moving the social economic growth and we wish to play a little part we can in the GDP of our county.

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