The socio-economic landscape of the Eastern Cape is slowly being transformed with Coega being one of the leading catalysts championing this process. This CSI Ubuntu award-winning corporation not only invests billions in industrial and infrastructural development but, it also finds value in investing in high-impact corporate social investment projects that are aimed at changing thousands of lives in South Africa.

CDC CSI initiatives focus on a number of areas such as:

  • Communities in which the Coega operates.
  • Emphasize investments in disadvantaged areas.
  • Support programmes that engender empowerment and development.
  • Focus on rural areas, youth and women empowerment.
  • Focus on climate change and the Going Green campaign.
  • Education, Health and Crime.
  • Social transformation

As a leading catalyst championing socio-economic development, the CDC through its CSI initiatives has worked tirelessly in improving the social and economic environment of South Africa but more specifically, in the areas where Coega operates. In addition, the CDC prides itself in its ability to focus on equipping communities with long-term skills thus, giving them access to livelihood opportunities that ultimately stimulate economic participation within the region.

Annually, the CDC invests over R9-million in thirteen causes which directly impact the lives of over 8 000 people subsequently, creating a ripple effect into their families and communities. CDC’s CSI unit continues to strive for the creation of seamless relationships which will drive high impact and long-lasting CSI projects.